The Apple Watch in Business

The Apple Watch for Business – A Review

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In this blog post, I want to investigate using the Apple Watch within a business environment. The popularity of the Apple Watch has exploded; many are suggesting that this smartwatch is a must-have for business.

The business world is demanding; you’re dealing with approaching deadlines, balancing and dealing with stress, and continually interacting with co-workers. If there’s a device that can help us organize and take action in business – why wouldn’t we want to invest in it?

The Challenge

I took on the challenge. I decided to go out and buy an Apple Watch and try it at the office. I’m going to write this blog post over several days, and give you my experience with the Apple Watch in business.

Here are some questions that I would like to answer in this experiment.

  • Can the Apple Watch make me more efficient?
  • Will the Apple Watch make my job easier?
  • Will I become healthier wearing the Apple Watch?

Let’s jump in the car and head over to the Apple Store and pick up the Apple Watch.

Buying the Apple Watch

My experience buying the Apple Watch was fantastic. I walked into the Apple store, and someone came up to me right away and asked me if I needed help. I told the individual that I wanted an Apple Watch, and they directed me to a sales associate that could help me.

The Apple Watch in Business

Done. I now am the proud owner of an Apple Watch series 3.

The watch is comfortable. I never felt awkward wearing it. The sports strap, which comes with the watch, is exceptionally soft.

The watch did not feel bulky or big. For business or casual wear, the size of the watch is essential. You never want to be wearing a watch that feels uncomfortable or feels like a life alert bracelet strapped to your wrist.

The Apple Watch does not feel uncomfortable.

Setting the watch up was easy. I just walked through the steps provided, and I had it up and running in about 20 minutes (Give or take a few minutes).

Just a note, you ‘re going to need Wifi for the setup process. Also, the Apple Store offered to set the watch up for me, but I wanted to do it at home in my comfy chair enjoying a cup of coffee.

It wasn’t difficult.

At the End of the Day

Just playing around with the watch at home, I’ve come up with some quick conclusions:

  • It’s comfortable to wear; the watch did not feel bulky or out of place on my wrist
  • The set-up was about 20 minutes and required WIFI.
  • The sports strap that came with the watch is excellent.
  • I did purchase a couple of straps from Amazon as well.

Using the Apple Watch at the Office

Using the Apple watch is very convenient. I’m able to check my email and glance at my to-do list throughout the day with minimal effort.

What I need to know is always in front of me. The upcoming events on the face of my watch prepare me for the next task; this feature makes it organization easy,  and helps me stay up to date with events and tasks.

The watch allows me to eliminate the distractions associated with pulling out my iPhone. When I pull out my iPhone, it could lead to playing a game or checking social media. I love that I can remain focused and see what is next on my to-do list. I’m going to touch more on this later in the post.

One of the cool features of the Apple watch is their health emphasis. The Apple watch will tell me to stand during the day so that I can become more active. I think that this function is genius; the watch helps me get some exercise during my long days, which I love. The heart sensor is the best in the business; it’s great.

In business, it’s easy to get caught up in your work and forget about taking a break. A simple reminder to stand is excellent for your body and mind.

I’m not kidding; I would be working away at . . . . oh, it’s telling me to stand right now. I’m going to take a break and rest my mind; I’ll get back to writing in just a moment.

Here are some other great features:

  • It’s waterproof up to 50 meters.
  •  It has a GPS and altimeter
  • Use Siri to create reminders, calendar events and get directions.
  • Get motivation to become more active
  • The heart rate app keeps a record of your heart rate during a workout or while resting
  • The breathe app is excellent for relaxing and dealing with stress.
  • There’s a lot of great third-party health apps that you can install

Using the Apple Watch in a Practical Way

Today, I am doing some organizing around my office. I’m shuffling some stuff around, and doing some “spring” cleaning in October.

Again, the watch did not feel in the way of my daily tasks, and that’s important to me. Believe it or not, I didn’t even notice that the watch was there. I worked at organizing and forgot that I was wearing it until I got a call. Usually, when I get a call, I would stop my work, sit behind my desk and take care of it, but not this time.

My watch alerted me that I was receiving a call; I answered the call and continued my work. It was superb!

Does the Watch Save Me Time?

I always wondered if the Apple Watch was practical. I mean, it’s not cheap, and I wanted to make sure that it was worth the investment.

By day three the watch was losing the “NEW” appeal; it was just another technological tool that I was using every day.

This review is my honest opinion; I’m not getting a dime from Apple, I promise you.

The Apple Watch is not a “need.” There is no doubt that it’s just a “want,” but it’s a great addition to my laptop and cell phone.

I Can Keep My Phone in My Pocket

With the Apple Watch, I found myself using my phone less. I filtered all my emails, text messages and calls through the watch, so I didn’t have to look at my phone much throughout the day.

This blog post is just my opinion, so you can take it or leave it, but I believe that the Apple Watch makes you more productive, and here’s why.

My cell phone can be so distracting at work. My phone has so many apps that it often pulls me away from my work. I could check facebook, twitter or play a game, and this takes me away from what is most important – my job.

Here is what typically happens when I get an email on my iPhone.

Hey, I got an email! I should look at that email . . .

So, I pull out my phone, and I begin to check my emails. I decided to check facebook and twitter as well, the temperature on my Nest thermostat, and wait, did I close my garage door at home? I should take a look and make sure.

The Apple Watch in Busines

Maybe my illustration is a little over the top, but that is what happens to me; I become distracted, and my distractions cause me valuable time.

Less Distracted

The Apple Watch protects me from all that mess. When I get an email on my watch, I quickly glance at it and move on. There isn’t much to do on the watch, so I keep focused on the task at hand. The watch doesn’t have as many apps as the iPhone, so I’m not tempted to deviate from my task. This is why I love the Apple Watch, and this is why it has made me more productive.

The taptic engine within the Apple Watch gives me a subtle tap and notifies me of a message. This tap allows me to glance down and determine if that message is worth a more in-depth look . . . Oh, it’s just spam – delete. Done.

I don’t have to find my phone, and I don’t need to storm the shore on Boom Beach. The Apple Watch helps me to stay on task.

At the beginning of this post, I listed several questions that I wanted to answer in this experiment. Let’s dive in and answer them.

Would the Apple Watch make me more efficient?

The answer is yes. The watch does help me get more done. It eliminates distractions caused by always reaching for my iPhone.

Of course, you cannot eliminate every distraction; you still have to show some self-discipline, but the watch does help.

Will the Apple Watch make my jobs easier?

Not really. I mean it does help me check my email or send out a text message easier, but overall, it’s not that kind of device.

I went to work without the smartwatch and tested to see if the Apple Watch made that big of a difference. This is what I noticed:

Without the watch, I didn’t have as much structure following my calendar as I did wearing the Apple Watch. Now, it is true that I could open Outlook and get the same information that’s on my watch, but I liked how the Apple Watch would alert me of what was next on my calendar.

I also missed having the health features of the Apple Watch. The reminder to stand and take a break was something that I actually enjoy.

It is true that other software could easily replace these features, but it’s also true that it’s convenient having it on your wrist.

Will I Become Healthier Because I’m Wearing the Apple Watch?

Don’t forget that it has only been five days since owning the watch. I’m not going to be running a marathon anytime soon.

Again, I do enjoy the health benefits offered by wearing the Apple Watch. Yesterday I worked The Activity Ring on Apple Watch for Businesshard to close my activity rings. The activity rings are broken down into three sections: move, exercise, and stand. I tried really hard to complete these three tasks throughout the day. I think that extra motivation to be active is terrific, and working toward becoming a better version of yourself is crucial.

I also like how you can compete with other people in the office. Friendly competition is a great way to motivate each other to become healthier.

I would say that the health features on the Apple Watch are pretty great and worth the investment – whether you are in the office or not.

Also, I found by wearing the watch I was more health conscious than when I wasn’t wearing it.

So, when it comes to the Apple Watch for business, this is my final rating.


  • Great for eliminating distractions caused by using your cell phone all of the time.
  • Perfect for keeping your calendar and tasks in front of you throughout the work day
  • I love the health features built inside the Apple Watch.
  • I found it very comfortable and not bulky at all


  • I found that the watch scratched easily. If I were you, I would get a screen protector on the watch right away; the watch doesn’t take bumping or rubbing well. Also, I generally take it off when I’m doing any physical labour.

I love the Apple Watch! I’m planning on getting my wife one real soon. I know that she is going to love it as much as I do (She loves technology as well).

As far as the business world is concerned, the Apple Watch fits in quite nicely.  The features offered on the Apple Watch help me to be more productive during the day. My recommendation is if you can afford to buy one – I’d go for it. You’ll love it.

My Conclusion

Thanks for taking the time and reading this blog post, and as always, you’re going to be great. Let me know if you own an Apple Watch, and tell me what you think of it.




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