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So you have a website that is just perfect. I mean it’s magical.  Now you want to dress it up with some professional images. Well, look no further this post is just for you. I’m going to break down the best free and paid sites that will make your website stand out. Here we go.

Images are an essential part of website design. People are very visual, and images help us to process content in a better way. So, as you put together that page or blog post, you will want to use professional pictures.

Not to worry, I have you covered. I have put together some of the best sites that will serve you well. Whether you are looking for puppies or a pumpkin pie – you will find that perfect image on the sites that I have listed below.


Once your site is ready to add some images, a simple search will bring up a ton of options. There are paid options that you could use, as well as many free options.

Sometimes when you think of free, you think of something that is terrible or unusable. You think free means that the graphics will all be cheezy or unpleasant, and will draw away from your website instead of drive people to your content. This is not the case at all. It is true that sometimes free images aren’t worth the download, but it is also true that free doesn’t mean less quality. There are some half decent sites available that offer great images.

You may not get the selection that you would if you need a particular image, but there are still some great choices available to give your site that WOW factor.

PROS: They are free. What more do I have to say?
CONS: There are a lot of websites that are using these images as well. You have to remember that free means everyone (or at least a lot of people) are downloading them.  Paid images are better for showing unique content.



My absolutely favorite site for free stock images is unsplash. Unsplash carries a lot of great professional photos. I cannot tell you how much I love the images on this site – they are wonderful. If I need a particular image I will begin with unsplash.


Pixabay also has a great collection of photos. I find that the selection is not as deep, but they have great photos nevertheless. The website is easy to navigate and is an excellent choice for free images.


Burst is a site that is put together by Shopify. They offer an excellent service for free stock images. The selection is not huge, but it works. I did a quick search for “airplane, ” and about four images were displayed. When you do the same search on a website that has paid stock images, the keyword “airplane” would probably bring up thousands of results.


This image site is designed with food in mind. It’s filled with beautiful professional stock images of food. It’s perfect if you are blogging about your breakfast 🙂


Pexels has a pretty vast selection. I found that most of their images are usable and the quality is outstanding. I think that you will find Pexels a great resource.


This website has sparks of genius. These stock images are great to use with your upcoming commercial project. They are all photographed by Ryan McGuire, and he does a fantastic job. I think they are really great.


No ones like restrictions, right? Well, this is a great website for those that do not like boundaries. The photos on this site are available to be used on whatever project you want. No restrictions.


This site also is well organized, and the photos are excellent quality. I mean for a free stock website it’s pretty standard. Some images will be usable and others won’t. I think that you will find all the free sites will work together and bring you a pretty good collection of stock images.


There are times when you will not be able to find that perfect picture, and you’re forced to pay money. When that day comes, I have listed two paid sites that I use that work well.

You could spend hundreds of dollars a year on stock images, but these sites are cheaper than the others, and they have a tremendous collection of high-quality professional photos.




Now you are ready to build! Before I close this post, I wanted to give you a couple of sites that offer free videos. I find these sites are beneficial as you create content for your site as well.



There you have it. These are some great sites to help you get a good start on building out your website’s content. These sites provide high-quality images and videos for a great price – free. Enjoy yourself and be creative.

If you still cannot find that perfect picture you have one more resource available. You can always pick up that cell phone and find that perfect photo yourself. With the power of smartphones today, that perfect picture is just a snap away.

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